About Us


We have been Doberman owners (or more accurately we’ve been owned by a Doberman) since 2000.
​At Bearside Warlock Dobermans we are dog and specifically Doberman crazy! We are absolutely smitten with “dobe-fever” and want to promote proper education and commitment for the owners and breeders of these dogs we love.
It brings us great pleasure knowing one of our precious babies is doing the job for which he was intended… providing you and your family the safest and most effective protection and security available on 4 legs.

Every Doberman puppy for sale at Bearside Warlock Dobermans has been thoughtfully and carefully planned and considered long before the breeding has taken place. Your new unique Doberman puppy (if you are so lucky to be chosen as one of our elite Doberman puppy owners) comes with a pedigree sporting German and European Dobermans full of world champion show dogs plus each one has been worked. What do all of these Doberman working titles and Doberman show titles actually mean to you as a “pet owner” that doesn’t plan on showing your Doberman puppy? EVERYTHING!

Your new Dobermann Puppy’s parents have passed strict temperament testing, tracking trials and personal protection training. The genetics behind your unique Doberman puppy shows that his genes are free of hip dysplasia, eye diseases, bad temperament and poor conformation.
​A Doberman dog that cannot hold up to the extreme athleticism that is required to obtain working titles is a poorly conformed dog and will break down, a Doberman dog that will not readily willing to obediently obey and have a strong desire to please it’s master is not a pleasant Doberman to live with inside the home and certainly will never be able to obtain these titles.
If you have been looking for the best Doberman Family Personal Protection Guard Dogs, with a World Champion pedigree, Working Titles in Personal Protection, Tracking, Obedience and Agility with Beauty and Brawn to match then give us a call.

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